Keeping Oversized Pipelines Out of New England

Kinder Morgan wanted to build a massive new natural gas pipeline through New England. But building such a huge pipeline to carry dirty, fracked gas is a bad deal for our families, our communities, our economy, and our climate.

CLF in Action

CLF used legal strategies to block this ill-advised and unnecessary pipeline from tearing through New England communities. We worked at the state level in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire to try stop unprecedented proposals that would have put electricity customers on the hook for the $6 billion cost of this massive pipeline. We also intervened in the federal process to oppose this boondoggle.

In the face of such legal hurdles, strong on-the-ground opposition from local communities, and shifting economics in the gas market, Kinder Morgan gave up on its New England pipeline dreams in April.

And, while this victory should send a clear signal to the public utilities agencies in each state that fossil fuels are a bad investment for our economy and our environment, CLF’s work here isn’t done yet. Two more massive pipeline proposals remain in play, while new natural gas power plants are also on deck.

We’re working to make sure these remaining proposals do not scuttle our clean energy future and leave electricity consumers like all of us on the hook for outdated, polluting natural gas plants and pipelines for another generation and beyond.