Standing With Paris

Following Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, at least 14 states have joined forces as the U.S. Climate Alliance and pledged to lower their damaging greenhouse gas emissions.

Here in New England, five out of six states have pledged to stand with Paris, and all states have goals to help combat global warming by cutting carbon pollution. But without enforceable action, the states’ pledges are nothing but words on paper.

CLF In Action

Long before President Trump walked away from the Paris Agreement, CLF was working to get ambitious state laws passed to defend New England’s environment. We already won a landmark decision in the Massachusetts Supreme Court that ensures the Bay State takes enforceable action to reduce climate-damaging emissions. And working with partners across the Eastern seaboard, we implemented the U.S.’s first cap-and-trade program to put a price on carbon pollution. CLF will be pushing for similar laws and enforcement in every New England state.

Washington’s failure to fight for our citizens means state and local leaders must step into the regulatory gap. CLF is committed to helping our region reach the next level of climate commitment. By fighting for powerful laws to curtail greenhouse gas emissions and promote clean, renewable energy solutions, CLF is protecting our environment, safeguarding our energy future, and bringing jobs to New England.