Rhode Island Doesn’t Need A Dirty Energy Power Plant

The Invenergy corporation wants to build a dirty energy plant in Burrillville, Rhode Island. The proposed plant would burn outdated fossil fuels – natural gas and oil – which will increase emissions of the greenhouse gases that are damaging our climate.

CLF in Action

CLF has been fighting alongside Burrillville residents since the plant was first proposed in 2015. Since then, we’ve shown that New England doesn’t need the energy this dirty plant would produce and that the fracked gas it would burn would further damage our climate. What’s more, its construction would devastate a critical forest area. Then in June 2019, the state’s Energy Facility Siting Board denied Invenergy a key permit it needed to start construction. This was a victory for CLF, for the people of Burrillville, and for everyone in New England.

What’s at Stake

Invenergy claims that Rhode Islanders need this new dirty energy plant to keep the lights on and electricity rates low. But the fact is, neither of these claims is true. There’s plenty of electricity to supply Rhode Island homes and businesses, in spite of Invenergy’s fear-mongering. And, whether this plant is built or not will have little, if any, impact on our electric bills – because this power plant is just one of many complex factors that determine the price we pay for our electricity.

Invenergy’s most misleading claim, however, is that this new gas-burning plant will lower carbon emissions by replacing dirty coal and oil. That might be true if New England’s coal- and oil-burning plants ran every day, all year round. But, the fact is, they rarely run at full capacity. Building a new fossil-fuel-powered plant like the one that Invenergy proposes will harm our climate and make it impossible for Rhode Island to meet its legally required cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. And that’s a price that New England simply can’t afford to pay.