Rhode Island Didn’t Need A Dirty Gas Power Plant

The Invenergy corporation wanted to build a polluting gas plant in Burrillville, Rhode Island. Their plant would have burned outdated fossil fuels – natural gas and oil – spewing climate-damaging emissions and toxic pollutants.

CLF in Action

Since this gas power plant was first proposed in 2015, CLF fought alongside Burrillville residents to stop its construction. We showed that New England didn’t need the energy this dirty plant would produce. And that the fracked gas it would have burned would further damage our climate. What’s more, its construction would have devastated a critical forest area. 

Thanks to the work of Burrillville residents and the help of CLF’s supporters, in June 2019, the state’s Energy Facility Siting Board denied Invenergy a key permit it needed to start construction. This decision meant that Invenergy couldn’t build its polluting gas power plant after all – a victory for CLF, for the people of Burrillville, and for everyone in New England.

What’s Next

Invenergy claimed that Rhode Islanders needed this new dirty gas power plant to keep the lights on and electricity rates low. But neither of these claims are true. 

There’s plenty of electricity to supply Rhode Island homes and businesses, in spite of Invenergy’s fear-mongering. And, this plant’s construction would have had little, if any, impact on our electric bills – because it is just one of many complex factors that determine the price we pay for our electricity.

Now that Invenergy has no future, Rhode Island needs to refocus on slashing polluting emissions and meeting its climate laws. That includes achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and generating all electricity from clean, renewable sources by 2033. CLF will continue to hold the state accountable to moving clean energy forward for the sake of our health and safety.