Biden Nominates Three New Candidates for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 

At an angle facing upwards, against a blue sky, are two electricity transmission towers.

Photo: Shutterstock

March 01, 2024 (Boston, Massachusetts) – President Biden recently nominated three candidates to fill upcoming vacancies in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Former Undersecretary of Energy and Climate solutions for Massachusetts, Judy Chang, is among the nominees.

“Judy Chang’s nomination sends a strong signal that the White House is committed to sound energy policy, a just transition to clean energy, and openness to reforms that would make FERC a full partner in protecting both the environment and the economy in the energy transition now underway,” said Brad Campbell, President of Conservation Law Foundation. “Regardless of who is appointed, we will be at the table urging the Commission to stop the unrelenting expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure that FERC historically has encouraged.”

The Commission governs the region’s electric grid operator, ISO New England – which decides how and what energy is bought and sold across the six states. Nominees also include David Rosner and Lindsay See. These nominees, if appointed, will have a large say in how the ISO manages the upgrades necessary to usher in our clean energy future.

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