Conservation Matters Summer 2021: Year in Review

The past year has shown us what we can accomplish when faced with unprecedented upheaval. Now we are focused on driving forward a future that is equitable and healthy for all – while also confronting the most urgent environmental threats in the here and now. The work we do together in the next five years will lay the foundation for the 50 years that follow.

Inside this special annual report edition of Conservation Matters, you’ll read stories of how CLF is pushing our goals forward across New England, from helping to shape Vermont’s plan for how it will meet its ambitious climate goals to holding New Hampshire accountable for illegally approving landfill expansions for years; from forcing the EPA to hold the Charles River’s biggest polluters responsible to creating a new model for financing health-promoting businesses.

As CLF helps to push forward a new normal – one that recognizes the right of everyone to live, work, and play in a healthy and thriving community – your continued engagement is critical. Together, we can and will confront broken and unjust systems. We are honored to have you by our side.