Building Healthy Communities One Neighborhood at a Time

For a neighborhood to truly thrive, it needs healthy people, a healthy environment, and a healthy economy with opportunities for all.

CLF in Action

Recognizing the complex challenges of building healthy and sustainable communities, CLF Ventures and the Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation (MHIC) partnered to create the Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund. The Fund focuses on bringing new sources of capital to mixed-use, mixed-income real estate projects that can catalyze the creation of healthy neighborhoods.

The Fund prioritizes projects with the greatest potential to bring lasting benefits to residents – quality housing across income levels, job opportunities, better health – while also delivering returns for investors. The Fund is almost fully invested in a portfolio of projects in Greater Boston that will create more than 550 units of energy-efficient housing and 150 jobs close to transit. These investments are advancing the communities’ own vision for their future while improving the lives of thousands of people.

MHIC and CLF are also piloting a Healthy Retail and Commerce Fund that combines investments from hospitals, health systems, and foundations to support businesses that will create new jobs, improve food access and affordability, and bring new economic vitality to communities.