Protecting Drinking Water

New England’s drinking water is under threat from dangerous chemicals found in everyday household and industrial products. In the absence of federal protections, state leaders must step up to protect public health and safety.

CLF in Action

New Englanders can no longer take for granted the safety of our drinking water. PFAS – per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances – are toxic chemicals that have been found in public water supplies, private wells, and groundwater in many cities and towns across the region, warranting serious action by regulators to protect the public’s health.

The risks caused by these chemicals are well known, but federal agencies have failed to take meaningful action to protect us from them. CLF and our partners are calling on state leaders to step in to protect our waters – and our health – from these dangerous poisons.

CLF has petitioned regulators in every New England state to adopt a stringent drinking water standard that protects residents from exposure to all PFAS compounds. We want state leaders to require regular monitoring and removal of these toxic chemicals from our water.